Study Hall

Study Hall Breakdown


  • Avinger Sunday-Thursday 7-9 PM.  Pate 8-9 (M/W), 9-9 p.m. T/R, 9-5 Friday
  • Starts September 1st
    • Week of Fall Break- only Sunday-Tuesday
    • Halloween- no study hall
    • Week of Thanksgiving Break- only Sunday and Monday
    • Sunday Dec 1st no study hall.
    • Ends Dec 5th.
  • Student-athletes can go to tutoring or study sessions, but will need to sign in at those locations.  Some professors may come to run study sessions. 
  • Student-athletes may use Pate during the day.  They will have to sign in and sign out and they will be monitored. There is a one hour minimum required.
  • No student-athlete is allowed to go to the library unless they are going to a tutoring session and the tutor signs off.


  • Any student-athlete who has a cumulative GPA at or under a 2.59 must attend.
  • All freshman and transfers must attend.
    • Any transfer with a 3.3 or higher will be reevaluated after the first 8 weeks- if they are doing well, they will be let out of study hall.
  • Coaches can choose to send anyone else they wish.
  • These student-athletes must come at least 6 hours a week.
  • Student-athletes can bank up to 10 hours a week.


  • No Food, no tobacco products, no cell phones
  • No talking. 
  • Music can be played as long as the Student-athlete has headphones, and it is not distracting.
  • All student-athletes must sign in and sign out
  • Student-athletes who choose not to come or not fulfill their hours run the risk of losing their scholarship and/or playing time in upcoming season.


  • 1st violation - the student is required to earn ten (10) new hours the following week
  • 2nd violation – the student will miss their next scheduled practice(s) until the missed hours are made up.
  • 3rd violation- the student will miss their next schedule competition(s) and/or practice (s) earn ten (10) new hours the following week.
  • Violations include, but are not limited to, not completing their six (6) hours of study hall per week, being kicked out of study hall or checking into Study Hall -- leaving -- then returning to sign back out.